Iron resolutions – Pleas from Medical Practitioners

Founded in 2007, the Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO is committed to research into iron metabolism, the exploitation of results, quality management and quality control of iron treatments, and the training and certification of doctors.

According to the WHO, more than 3 billion people suffer from iron deficiency. Women of menstrual age and children are primarily affected. Medicine largely ignores iron deficiency in its early stages, Iron Deficiency Syndromes (IDS), because the current doctrine is that a deficiency in this element only manifests itself as anemia (Iron Deficiency Anemia, IDA), i.e. in its late stages. Due to this misinterpretation, symptoms of IDS patients are repeatedly and unnecessarily clarified and ultimately incorrectly treated. SIHO has so far passed two iron resolutions to achieve its goals.

First iron resolution: Healthier people for lower costs

SIHO has demonstrated that iron infusions are effective, safe and cost-effective in iron deficiency patients (see Eurofer practical study). SIHO urges all physicians and their professional associations to adopt SIHO’s proven approach in order to detect iron deficiency patients early and treat them correctly.
On the first iron resolution

Second iron resolution: equal rights

Menstruation is the decisive cause of female iron deficiency. Depending on the individual constitution of the affected women, the “natural” iron reduction caused by menstruation manifests itself in typical symptoms of iron deficiency. SIHO takes this circumstance into account and therefore recommends iron compensation in order to bring women to equal rights.
On the second iron resolution