Second iron resolution – Equality

Menstruation is the decisive cause of female iron deficiency. Women regularly lose blood and iron as a result of menstrual bleeding. While the blood in the body can be regenerated, the iron remains lost forever. Depending on the individual constitution of the affected women, this “natural” iron reduction manifests itself with the typical symptoms of iron deficiency. Only in the final stage of iron deficiency does iron deficiency anaemia occur, when the body can no longer even guarantee blood formation.

The iron concentration of the organism is represented by the ferritin value. This is usually between 100-200 ng/ml for men and less than 50 ng/ml for women of menstrual age. This is a natural discrimination of women with regard to iron concentration. The Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO takes this circumstance into account and therefore recommends iron compensation when deficiency symptoms occur and not only when the ferritin level drops to a level that is dangerous to health (iron deficiency anaemia). SIHO has therefore introduced iron compensation.

  1. Women need as much iron as men for a healthy body.
  2. Because many women suffer from iron deficiency symptoms because of their menstruation, they need iron balance to become and stay healthy.
  3. The natural “disadvantage” of women through menstruation can be brought about by the iron balance in the occurrence of symptoms of equal rights. There is no scientific justification for establishing a physiologically lower normal ferritin level for women than for men, especially not if the iron balance obviously leads to the elimination of deficiency symptoms.
  4. SIHO continuously researches the iron deficiency scientifically with practical studies and thus verifies the effectiveness of the iron balance.
  5. SIHO and its members undertake to make the iron balance as public and accessible as possible.

This Iron Resolution was signed at the SIHO General Assembly in Zurich on June 24, 2017.